I took for granted that when I press the ON button to my Macintosh computer it just worked. To my surprise one day it didn’t and that’s when I realized how dependent I was on my computer and the secrets it holds. Working from my Hunts Point office, my options to repair my computer were limited. It was at that point I met George who specializes in Macintosh hardware and support and to my surprise he was seating 10 feet away working out of the same office. Words can’t express the gratitude and professionalism George provided. He not only analyzed the problem, but most important took care of the issue in a timely and cost effective way. Today my computer never worked better thanks to his suggested updates and it’s good to know that I have a Macintosh support provider in the Bronx.”
– Cheni Yerushalmi, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Sunshine Suites


You know that guy you go to when you need a good answer and your company is having a day. Meet George, he knew every inch of our organization including downtown and mid town sites. I had a lot of people that reported to me at NP, and of the bunch George was the one who had my back not the one at my back. He was able to take hardware declared DOA and bring life back to it and to keep cost in line when others were spending like there was no tomorrow. He was always a go getter and problem solver and usually time with George was the better part of the week.”
– David Cota, Manager System Services at Network Plus


George is a top notch professional with a very high level of attention to detail. His technichal skills in conjuntion with his ability to deal with any situation make him a perfect canadite for any job.”
– Kyle Thomas, Director of Network Engineering and Operations at Empire One Telecom