Greetings to the Participants and Staff of the Bronx 3 Day Startup

My name is George Petriccione and I am the owner of GRP Computer Consulting and I am proud to be one of the sponsors for your event this weekend.

I have been supporting the Macintosh since it was released. I am looking forward to celebrating its 30th Anniversary on the 24th. I have also been working in computer networking since 1996. I specialize in helping businesses chose the proper hardware and software, train them how to use it and help them maintain it. I will be available as a resource to the participants on Friday and Saturday and I will be speaking to all of you on Saturday afternoon.

As an additional assistance to your 3 Day Adventure, I will be providing samples from another company I am involved with called Isagenix. The product is called E+ and it is an all natural energy drink ( has less sugar and doesn’t cause up and down spikes compared to other products. This should help you stay active and alert all weekend as you develop your companies.

Isagenix is a direct marketing company that has been in existence for 11 years and has plans and products for Weight Loss, Energy and Performance, Healthy Aging and Wealth Creation. You can get more information about Isagenix at especially at I will also have additional material available this weekend about the products and especially for those that want to learn how to get your products paid for and create a residual income. There will be more details in my presentation and at my affiliate site (

Thank you and I hope all of you have a successful weekend.

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