Happy Birthday Macintosh

Happy Birthday Macintosh

Today, January 24 is the 32nd Anniversary of the announcement of the Apple Macintosh. These many years later we can really appreciate the line from that famous Super Bowl commercial, “Why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984.’” I have had the privilege to work with and support the Macintosh for more than thirty years. I don’t think many of us back in those days could have imagined the vast infrastructure that Apple has developed into today. Through the highs and the lows we have seen the Macintosh and the resulting Apple ecosystem develop into a series of tools that have become a part of our everyday lives. From the one 128K computer, we have seen a whole family of tools develop that has always had the same goal in mind to allow the individual or the business person to express the creativity that they have had inside them. While the Apple family has expanded to a variety of tools depending on the need, the idea is the same now as it was in 1984, to enable anyone regardless of their profession to do their best work.

I have tried these many years to guide people through the various hardware and software combinations in the Apple ecosystem to find the best fit for each of my clients so they can do their best work and I look forward to doing the same for many more businesses in the future.

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